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Customers Experience

My name is Stacie Roy and I visited "Any Lab" with my grandson "Tyson".

Unfortunately I had to doubt the paternity of my grandson due to the mother's infidelity early on in the relationship with my son-coming to the lab was a very hard decision for me but a necessary one.

Mr. Hopman explained the easy procedure for both Tyson and myself and within a week we had the results we had hoped for. I would recommend this lab to friend's and family.
Stacie Roy
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Don’t you want to know if your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? Put your suspicions to rest, today.

Find out now with the Infidelity DNA Test from ANY LAB TEST NOW®.

Infidelity DNA Test

Is your spouse cheating on you? Did you find a suspicious article of clothing such as a stained undergarment or other object?

The Infidelity DNA Test answers any questions or concerns you may have about a possible cheating spouse or significant other.

How does it work?

ANY LAB TEST NOW® can provide you conclusive answers through DNA Infidelity Testing. DNA testing typically provides conclusive results that confirm or deny the presence of male and/or female DNA on suspicious items.

Once conclusive results are obtained, we can also run powerful DNA comparative analyses to identify the DNA source.

DNA testing is the most accurate and conclusive method of verifying biological relationships and ANY LAB TEST NOW® offers a conclusive and affordable option.

Ask the medical assistant what can and can’t be used as sample for the DNA Test.

The DNA testing we offer is accurate, reliable, and strictly confidential. Get the peace of mind you need to take the next step in your life.