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IGF-1 can help diagnose the cause of growth abnormalities and to evaluate your brain’s pituitary function. It may also be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment for growth hormone deficiencies and growth hormone insensitivity.

Why Do I Need It?
If you’re taking a growth hormone, you should consider this test to ensure there isn’t too much (or too little) in your blood.

Other Relevant Tests:
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Test Details:
Normal Range:

Age Male ng/mL Female ng/mL
16 to 24 yrs. 182 – 780 182 – 780
25 to 39 yrs. 114 – 492 114 – 492
40 to 54 yrs. 90 – 360 90 – 360
55 + yrs. 71 – 290 71 – 290
80 yrs. 1 – 71 1 – 71

High Results Indicate:
INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTOR-1: Elevated levels may indicate an increase in growth hormone production or pituitary tumor.

Low Results Indicate:
INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTOR-1: Low levels of IGF-1 can indicate a deficiency of growth hormone or sensitivity to growth hormone. It can also indicate a decrease in pituitary function, anorexia nervosa, chronic kidney or liver disease or high doses of estrogen